I am endlessly and deviously inventive at clearing some schedule space if there’s a chance. Truly, one must prioritize, and let’s face it: The idea of meeting you will always be a top priority!

So I am schedule-flexible, to an amazing degree. Booking in advance is always best, though, as verification takes time. For new friends, same-day appointment requests are a bit optimistic, but we’ll do what we can. And for everyone else, at least three hours notice is greatly appreciated.

When scheduling, please bear in mind that sad experiences have caused me to observe a deposit and a cancellation policy. Truly, I know that sometimes a cancellation may be unavoidable.

Please respect my time, as I do yours, and tell me as soon as possible if that should happen. If you cancel our confirmed meeting 1 hour before the start, a 50 percent cancellation fee is due immediately. Cancellation fees may be remitted in the form of CashApp or Zelle. A 20% deposit is now required to schedule your appointment and shall go towards the appointment. If you neither show up nor call, your future appointment requests are apt to be declined. I mean, seriously, put yourself in my place… I get all ready, all excited, all keyed-up… and you just don’t show? I am not going to be well-disposed toward you. I may find myself pushing voodoo pins into a “you” doll. Don’t risk it.